Antipodes Skin Care

Antipodes Skin Care is a beautiful New Zealand skincare range with protein-rich formulations. Bioactive botanical ingredients are carefully selected for performance and blended with nutrient rich avocado oil to help powerfully anti-age your skin.

Antipodes is certified organic, a carbon zero certified business & all the products are officially approved for vegetarians.

More about Antipodes Skin Care

Antipodes® creator and director Elizabeth Barbalich is deeply committed to running an environmentally responsible business, and educating people.
It's a passion sparked at the time of her epiphany to lead a more nature-centred lifestyle. After an education and career in science, she began studying naturopathy and adopting a diet high in organic raw foods and juices. She also began exploring the incredible benefits of New Zealand's unique bioactive botanical extracts - the healing secrets of Maoridom.
It wasn't long before she began combining these interests to start creating her own natural skincare along with New Zealand's leading cosmetic chemists.And after some dedicated research and development  Antipodes® launched on the market with seven products. The range has nearly tripled since, with even more products for women and men in development.