5 Of The Best Natural Multitaskers

Friday, 11 September 2015  |  Sarah

5 Of The Best Natural Multitaskers

Beauty Balms have to be one of the best multitasking products ever invented! Which is why two of the 5 best multitasking products are balms, but we thought we’d also share with you some often overlooked multitaskers.

First up, SpaRitual’s Multi-Tasker. Don’t get too excited, it’s not an all in one for every single nail need, but it does work as both a top coat and base coat. Apply before you apply your nail colour to provide a smoother surface to paint on whilst also protecting your nails, and apply over the top of your colour to give a high-gloss finish which offers UV protection and helps prevent chipping, fading and yellowing.

Oils are another great multitasking product, which when chosen rightly can be utilised for use on hair, body and face. Coconut Oil, such as Terranova’s CocoNova, is one such oil. Apply to hair and scalp for a moisturising and restorative treatment, use as an oil cleanser on the face, rub into cuticles for a nourishing boost and use all over the body as a moisturiser. Coconut Oil can also be utilised in several recipes as a base for scrubs, masks and more.

Quite possibly the all-time best multitasker, and often referred to as the Swiss Army Knife of soaps, Dr. Bronner’s Magic Liquid Soaps proudly states 18-in-1 uses on its bottle. The uses of Dr. Bronner’s Soap include washing yourself all over - body, face, hands and hair - doing the washing up, cleaning your pets, brushing your teeth, rinsing fruit and vegetables, doing the laundry, cleaning the house - mopping the floor, wiping the surfaces, cleaning windows, scrubbing the toilet, aromatherapy, mosquito repellent, and dust mite, ant and aphid control. We’re sure we’ve missed some uses out, and perhaps you have an original use we haven’t thought of - let us know!

And onto our favourite multitasking category, balms! Antipodes Saviour Skin Balm calls upon the finest ingredients in New Zealand nature to offer superior skin conditioning. It possesses powerful antibacterial, antifungal and antimicrobial properties thanks to the use of manuka honey, tea tree and totara.

We are also including Balm Balm’s Fragrance Free All Over Balm, which is completely free of essential oils and suitable for even the most sensitive of skins. Use on all the family in a multitude of ways; to help heal dry, cracked skin, grazes and bruises, chapped lips, ease sore muscles, soothe sunburn, as a nappy balm, an after shave balm, and apply all over the face to provide in-flight hydration for skin when flying long haul. Again, we’re sure that there are more uses for this product, and if we’ve missed any of your favourite uses for beauty balms, leave us a comment below!