A Guide to Looking After Your Skin in Your 20s

Tuesday, 4 October 2016  |  Sarah

Skincare Through the Years - A Guide to Looking After Your Skin in Your 20s

A guide to skincare in your 20s

Proper skincare is something we should all be concerned with, but with so many products on the market and so much information all around us it is sometimes hard to find the ultimate product or skincare routine that suits us best. What’s more, your general skin type can change over time, which means your skin will definitely have different requirements when you’re 25, 45 or 75 years OLD.

Thank goodness for the internet, because we don’t all have hundreds of pounds a month we can spend on expensive skincare products and treatments. However, it’s also easy to get lost when browsing the world wide web for information. That is why we have set up this series of articles about Skincare Through the Years, in which we talk about skincare facts and the best beauty products for every age group.

Skincare in Your 20s – The Breakdown

After getting through puberty your skin is settling into adulthood. You may also still experience the occasional breakouts and blemishes, but when you’re in your 20s (or even late teens) it’s time to really start taking care of your skin. Being young and carefree is amazing and your skin will look great for a while, but most of the damage is being done during these years. The problem is, you won’t see the damaging effect until your mid-30s or 40s.
First things first, it’s time to determine your skin type and with the help of this chart you can easily do it yourself:

Skincare Guide - What's Your Skin Type?

And although most people in their 20s will not experience this, ageing, changes in seasons and medications can affect your skin type, which means it can change.

A lot of twenty-somethings may be limited as to how much they can spend on their beauty products. Some are still paying off student loans or doing unpaid internships. But being on a budget does not necessarily mean you can’t buy the right products for you skin type or even buy natural and organic products.

A good cleanser should be the basis of all skincare regimens, but a good cleanser doesn’t have to cost the earth (in both senses of the word). See below for our top pick!

Now is the time to start protecting your skin. It’s important to utilise an SPF daily, look for a high quality face cream that contains one. It’s also crucial to use a good sunscreen all over when going out into the sun. For those of you who don’t tan easily, hoping for a tan after sunburn is NOT the way to go at it, nor are sun beds. Instead find an easy to use self tan, but watch out for some ingredients because your ‘sun in a bottle’ is not always the healthy alternative.
Unfortunately, products for spots and acne can still be part of your beauty kit in your 20s, because not all of us are lucky enough to be acne-free by the time we graduate.

Best Beauty Buys

Love The Planet Tea Tree CleanserProblem: Affordable Cleanser
Solution: Love the Planet Tea Tree & Lavender Cleanser
WOW factor: as well as calming lavender and antibacterial tea tree, this product contains jojoba to balance sebum production and vitamin E- a powerful skin antioxidant.




Avalon Intense Defense SPF10Problem: Affordable Sun Protection for the face
Solution: Avalon Organics Intense Defense Sheer Moisture SPF10
WOW Factor: Intense Defense balances vitamin C, white tea and lemon bioflavonoids to defend skin and support its natural renewal cycle.



Alba Fragrance Free SPF30Problem: Affordable SPF
Solution: Alba Botanica Fragrance Free SPF
WOW Factor: This natural sun lotion is water resistant, fragrance free and gluten free.




Alba Acnedote RangeProblem: Acne into Adulthood
Solution: Alba Botanica’s AcneDote range
WOW Factor: this range is formulated with zit-zapping ingredient max strength 2% Salicylic Acid, derived from willow bark.




A Guide to Looking After Your Skin in Your 20s is the second installment in our 5-part series.