A Guide to Looking After Your Skin in Your 30s

Wednesday, 19 October 2016  |  Sarah

Skincare Through the Years - A Guide to Looking After Your Skin in Your 30s

Skincare Through the Years A Guide to Looking After Your Skin in Your 30s

Proper skincare is something we should all be concerned with, but with so many products on the market and so much information all around us it is sometimes hard to find the ultimate product or skincare routine that suits us best. What’s more, your general skin type can change over time, which means your skin will definitely have different requirements when you’re 25, 45 or 75 years old.

Thank goodness for the internet, because we don’t all have hundreds of pounds a month we can spend on expensive skincare products and treatments. However, it’s also easy to get lost when browsing the world wide web for information. That is why we have set up this series of articles about Skincare Through the Years, in which we talk about skincare facts and the best beauty products for every age group.

Skincare in Your 30s – The Breakdown

By the time you’re in your 30s you have probably found the skincare routine that suits you best, but this is also the time you skin starts changing. Most of us don’t like hearing this, but that’s what happens as we get older.

Hopefully you’ve been taking good care of your skin since your 20s (or even already in your teens) and if so, you might be lucky enough to preserve your young and fresh looking skin for a couple more years. We all know that prevention is better than cure, but with so many pioneering advancements the natural and organic beauty industry offers so many products and tools to help you age gracefully.

Dull and/or dehydrated skin are the biggest concerns for women in their 30s, alongside dealing with the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and the beginnings of age spots. This is the time to invest in a good quality cleanser and a moisturiser with anti-ageing properties. Don’t buy into marketing, take time to find the beauty products that work for your skin. It’s often thought as secondary to moisturising, but great skincare starts with cleansing; removing dead skin cells, pollution and makeup both morning and night. If you’ve got these elements on your skin, your moisturiser can’t get as easily to where it needs to to do its job!

Last but not least it's important to prevent and treat the effects of sun damage. Many of us only think about using SPF when it’s sunny, but we should think about it every day. The best thing to do is use a moisturising day cream with an SPF (preferably SPF 30, but 15 and 20 will also do the trick). If you don’t feel like covering up with clothes or constantly seeking out the shade, your best option to protect yourself is to look out for mineral-based sunscreens. Zinc oxide and titanium dioxide are minerals used in SPF and they are the most effective sunscreen ingredients.

Best Beauty Buys

Green People Age Defy Brightening Cream


Problem: Wrinkles & Age spots
Solution: Green People Age Defy+ 24 Hour Brightening Cream 30ml
WOW-factor: Enriched with 33 beauty-enhancing actives for a youthful you.






Burts Bees Sensitive Facial Cleanser


Problem: Sensitive skin
Solution: Burts Bees Sensitive Facial Cleanser 170g
WOW-factor: Naturally gentle and skin-friendly for daily use





Trilogy Rosehip Antioxidant Oil+


Problem: Sun-damaged skin
Solution: Trilogy Rosehip Oil Antioxidant+ 30ml
WOW-factor: Improves brightening, skin tone, fine lines and wrinkles, elasticity and firmness.





Trilogy Age Defence Moisturiser SPF15


Problem: Day cream with SPF
Solution: Trilogy Daily Defence Moisturiser SPF15
WOW-factor: For a hydrated and younger-looking skin. This moisturiser also provides the perfect base for make-up, though you probably won’t need any because your face will look naturally great.



A Guide to Looking After Your Skin in Your 30s is the third instalment in our 5-part series. You can read the rest of the series here: Teens, 20s