A Guide to Looking After Your Skin in Your 40's

Friday, 4 November 2016  |  Sarah

Skincare Through the Years - A Guide to Looking After Your Skin in Your 40's

A Guide to Looking After Your Skin in Your 40's

Proper skincare is something we should all be concerned with, but with so many products on the market and so much information all around us it is sometimes hard to find the ultimate product or skincare routine that suits us best. What’s more, your general skin type can change over time, which means your skin will definitely have different requirements when you’re 25, 45 or 75 years old.

Thank goodness for the internet, because we don’t all have hundreds of pounds a month we can spend on expensive skincare products and treatments. However, it’s also easy to get lost when browsing the world wide web for information. That is why we have set up this series of articles about Skincare Through the Years, in which we talk about skincare facts and the best beauty products for every age group.

Skincare in your 40s – The Breakdown

You've hit that age where your skin definitely doesn't look like what it did when you were 18, but like Oscar Wilde quoted “With age comes wisdom”, right? We all want that healthy, fresh and dewy glow no matter how old we are, and when life suddenly hits us with the fact we’ve reached the ripe young age of 40 we may start to notice fine lines, wrinkles and creases. 

Ageing is part of our journey, but so is treating and pampering our body and skin to the best nutrients and products it needs. If you want younger looking skin, there are some simple steps you can take, and some wonderful natural and organic products you can use.

A good way to start is to drink more water. There are many benefits of drinking lots and lots of water such as flushing out toxins, promoting healthy and clear skin, aiding with weight loss, helping with digestion, constipation, and more! 

Alongside water, green tea is another great beverage to include into your diet. Loaded with antioxidants, green tea can lower the risk of various types of cancer and Alzheimer's, help with signs of wrinkles and ageing, improve brain function, increase fat burning and much more. Avoid the temptation to have a glass of wine as this can contribute to skin inflammation called Rosacea.     

Being in your 40s might also be a good time to start taking daily supplements. Omega-3 can be found in olive oil, flaxseed and fish such as salmon. Taking omega-3 supplements or eating food with omega-3 can help protect your moisture barrier which is a protective top layer of the skin, this can thin with age.
And now our recurrent theme in this series: SPF. Dermatologists all agree that UV exposure is the number one skin-ager out there. Too much sun can lead to wrinkles, sunspots and even cancer. Wearing an SPF daily can prevent the harsh effects of the sun, and give you younger looking skin. If you tend to forget sunscreen there are many moisturisers out there with UV-Protection.

A solid skincare routine becomes more and more important as you age. So it’s worth investing your time into finding a good morning and night time routine that works best for you. You don’t need to spend a lot of money to get effective products; look for products with natural benefits, organic ingredients and safe testing. Remember to wash, cleanse and moisturise before bedtime to prevent the exposure of pollutants all night. Use an exfoliant once a week to remove dead skin cells and achieve a brighter and glowing face. Take a look at our suggested beauty products for skincare in your 40’s below! 

Best Beauty Buys

Pai Rosehip BioRegenerate Facial Oil 30ml


Problem: Rosacea 
Solution: Pai Rosehip Bioregenerate Facial Oil 30ml 
WOW-factor: Rosehip is the ultimate skin multi-tasker, it conditions the skin, improving skin firmness and elasticity. Omega-3 is another of this facial oil’s ingredients and as we explained, it’s a great moisturiser and helps protect your skin.




Madara Brightening AHA Peel Mask 12.5ml


Problem: Age Spots
Solution: Madara Brightening AHA Peel Mask 12.5ml
WOW-factor: It brightens skin, diminishes appearance of age spots and lines, while also improving the absorption and effect of other cosmetic products!



Avalon Organics Brilliant Balance Cleansing Gel 200ml


Problem: Dull Skin
Solution: Avalon Organics Lavender Luminosity Cleansing Gel 200ml 
WOW-factor: It’s a very gentle cleanser, but works a lot better than many other more expensive cleansers.



Trilogy Replenishing Night Cream 60ml


Problem: Fine Lines and Wrinkles 
Solution: Trilogy Replenishing Night Cream 60ml 
WOW-factor: It’s an overnight miracle product that deeply nourishes and repairs your skin. This product is the definition of a beauty sleep 



A Guide to Looking After Your Skin in Your 40s is the fourth installment in our 5-part series. You can read the rest of the series here: **Teens, 20s, 30s