Autumn Healthy Skin Care Tips by Kelly Edwards

Friday, 11 October 2013  |  Sarah

Autumn Healthy Skin Care Tips by Kelly Edwards (Founder of Kelly Edwards Skin Care)

As this yearís long hot summer draws into autumn, it is time to reflect on our skin care routine and try to correct any summer damage caused by sunshine.  


Our skin might feel dehydrated and look dull, so it is important to exfoliate twice a week to remove dead skin cells as this will allow for better absorption of any moisturisers or serums.

Cleanse and tone

The skin care basics of cleanse, tone and moisturise is ever important, so donít be tempted to skip the toning step as this is important in keeping the skin hydrated and allows for deeper absorption of the moisturiser.  If you find that your body is dry, spray toner on your skin before applying a body cream.  

Ingredient shopping list 

Check all beauty and cosmetic products to make sure they do not contain mineral oil, paraffin liquidium or petroleum.  These low cost petrochemical oils create a greasy film on the skinís surface preventing it from breathing properly.  As a result, sweat and bacteria get trapped underneath your skin which will exacerbate skin care problems like eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis and acne.  

Change your moisturiser

As the weather gets cooler you might find that your skin will want an extra boost. For those that use our Floral Moisturiser we suggest  a switch to our Florence Selina Moisturiser with its richer content of added omega oils. 

Use a face serum

By using our 100% concentrated serums, your skin can receive that extra boost of nutrients it needs.  Essential fatty acids (omega 3,6,7 and 9), vitamins and anti-oxidants improve skin tone and help to achieve radiant, smooth skin. I recommend our Balancing Serum for normal/combination and oily/acne prone skin or our Florence Selina Moisturiser for normal/dry and dry/mature skin. 

Use a lipbalm

Using a lipbalm that uses beeswax (or candelilla or carnauba wax if you are vegan) creates a two way breathable barrier that protects the lips. When you use a mineral oil based lipbalm (e.g. Vaseline), all you are doing is applying a greasy petrochemical film to your lips which merely dries them out, causes further chapping  and merely encourages you to keep re-applying,

Apply serum onto your hands

Give your hands an extra treat by massaging them with Florence Selina Serum before bedtime. Hands are one of the bodyís most exposed areas, so feed them (note to avoid those that contain mineral oils, paraffin liquidium or petroleum) and give the skin the nutrients they both need and deserve.


Finally (and most importantly) drink plenty of water. If the idea of drinking cold water during the cooler months puts you off, have a mug of herbal or green tea.

Kelly Edwards 

 Kelly Edwards

About the brand

Kelly Edwards Skincare is driven by our passion for ingredients that benefit and protect the skin with a strong focus on skin health. Our easy to use luxury skincare range balances and supports the skin to enable women to better control their skin. 

The field of ingredient philosophy and plant science is ever expanding. We believe healthy skin comes from choosing natural ingredients that are rich in omega oils, antioxidants, vitamins and phytochemicals that essentially feed the skin.  Our product aromas come from the essential oils which aid skin health and evoke aromatherapy benefits. We choose organic and ethical ingredients where possible, do not test on animals and package our products using recyclable materials. 

We use the finest natural ingredients from a supplier that is certified organic by the Organic Farmers & Growers Ltd. Our products are hand made in small batches in Wales, UK to ensure freshness.

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