Autumnal Skin Care Tips

Tuesday, 24 September 2013  |  Sarah

Autumnal Skin Care Tips
by Cris Beetham - Founder of Skin Blossom Organic Beauty Products

Itís a good idea to review your beauty regime with each changing season, as different environmental conditions affect our skin differently. There are no fancy changes required; cleansing and moisturising are still the only key steps to keep skin clear and offer nutrients, hydration and protection. Itís just a matter of assessing your current products to make sure they will keep your skin in the best possible condition.

Your skin will benefit from a moisturiser that contains high levels of nutrients throughout the year, and cleansing requirements do not need to change. Some people prefer a cleansing milk and others a face wash. If you have very dry skin you may find a cleansing milk offers better hydration, and our Skin Blossom range has a gentle organic version of both.

The important change to make in autumn is to ensure skin gets enough hydration and protection to combat the drop in temperature and our use of heating systems. Cold weather, rain and wind put pressure on skin so it needs good protection from a face moisturiser. My favourite ingredient to protect skin is organic Jojoba Oil. Itís a beautiful oil that calms skin and is packed with nutrients. But itís actually like a liquid wax that seeps well into skin to leave an invisible layer of protection. †Skin usually becomes drier in the colder months so needs more hydration. The amount of hydration required will still depend on your skin type, but itís a good idea to use something richer than usual. Our Skin Blossom range includes our Nourishing Face Moisturiser for oily to normal skin, and our Age Resist face Moisturiser for drier or mature skin.

Body lotion and hand cream are also essential elements of your routine. Itís easy to skip on body lotion when skin is covered up, but itís well worth maintaining this step in Autumn as it keeps dryness at bay Ė great for the impending party season! Our hands are subject to so much from all they do for us, and in the colder months they really dry out. I love both our hand cream and body lotion which are highly effective and long lasting, but without greasiness. For extra protection, try to always wear gloves when you are out and about.

Hair can also become drier and a simple way to keep it looking great is to leave your conditioner on for longer than normal. For an extra treatment try massaging a couple of teaspoons of organic olive oil into hair and scalp (focusing on the ends), leave on for half an hour and then shampoo as normal.

As summer draws to a close the reduced daylight hours mean we need to ensure we get enough Vitamin D, which is important for overall health. In fact if we have good overall health then this shows in our skin and hair, so try to eat healthily, be active and keep hydrated with lots of water.

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