Back to School - Help Your Kids be the Healthiest They Can Be!

Wednesday, 7 September 2016  |  Sarah

Back to School - Help Your Kids be the Healthiest They Can Be!

New term, new year, new start. Going back to school can take its toll on our young ones, both physically as well as mentally. After a long summer holiday of being chilled out, returning to school and getting back into a routine can leave kids feeling tired and rundown already by the end of the first week.

Head lice, it’s not a glamorous subject and we don’t like to shout about it, but it’s a common problem for parents. Many mainstream shampoos for nits contain chemicals that as conscious consumers we try to avoid, but there is a natural alternative! Take 1 teaspoon of JASON Tea Tree Oil,  30ml of JASON Kids Only Shampoo and 3 tablespoons of JASON Coconut Oil. Mix together and apply to the scalp and hair of your little rugrat. Put a shower cap on them if available, or failing that wrap their hair in a towel and leave on for half an hour. Rinse thoroughly and comb through with a nit comb to remove the dead lice. 

If you hear of a head lice infestation in your kid’s class, applying tea tree oil to their scalp and hair can even help prevent your child from picking up any little friends.

We all know that kids enjoy a bit of rough and tumble in the playground, and this inevitably means a few scrapes, cuts and bruises appearing from time to time. For cuts and scrapes, clean them up naturally with Weleda Calendula Cuts & Grazes Spray. Keep any open wounds covered with Organii Organic Cotton Plasters, designed especially for kids and dermatologically tested. For bruises, try Z-Gel All Purpose Soothing Gel, made from a synergistic blend of organic plant extracts, energized colloidal silica and organic flower essences. 

Last but by no means least, it is important to encourage good oral hygiene in little ones, because their second set of teeth ought to last them a lifetime! To help make teeth brushing more fun, and perhaps even a “treat” to look forward to, many natural toothpastes utilise fun and sweet flavours rather than mint. In our oral care selection you can find JASON Kids Only Toothpaste in Strawberry and Orange Flavour, and Lavera Kids Toothgel has a scrummy Strawberry & Raspberry flavour.

So now we’ve set you up for a smoother ride on caring for your kids naturally, all you have to worry about is packed lunches, homework and making the school run on time, right?!