Blue Monday

Wednesday, 20 January 2016  |  Sarah

Products to Uplift Your Spirits (and Get You Through Blue Monday!)

It was Blue Monday this week, supposedly the most depressing day of the year. Christmas and new year are well and truly a distant memory, payday can’t come soon enough, and the winter chill is biting through to the bone. 

But did you know, Blue Monday was actually a marketing ploy created by a holiday company in 2005?! And they didn’t conduct any particularly in-depth research! So don’t feel too down, spring is on its way (it will be here before you know it), payday is just around the corner, and we’ve got some wonderfully uplifting products to see you through till the sun has got its hat on once again!

Here are our top three products to improve your mood come rain or shine - 

First up, Alba Botanica’s Hawaiian Exfoliating Papaya Body Wash. How could something so brightly coloured not make you feel instantly better. We feel happier just looking at the bottle. But open it up and your senses are hit by a scent reminiscent of summer holidays - fruity and fun. The body wash itself is gentle product, and the foam feels creamy and luxurious. The end result will cheer you up too; natural fruit enzymes from papaya and mango smooth the skin, removing impurities and unveiling healthy, bright skin.

Next up, Faith in Nature Chocolate Shower Gel and Foaming Bath. If you love chocolate and baths, then this product is heaven sent for you! It’s dark and cold outside, but let the dark, chocolatey, mysterious aromas from this product fill your bathtub with bubbles to help warm up your body and mood. For optimum enjoyment, best served with a dark chocolate square and a glass of red.

Finally, FOM London’s Orange Blossom Body & Hair Oil, a treat that is versatile as to how and when you use it. We’ve been applying lightly to our hair as a hair perfume day in day out, using as a hair treatment, a drop or two in our body wash, applying as a body oil, and even using in the bath. We’ve just given ourselves an idea - mixing the two aforementioned products for a chocolate-orange experience! Orange Blossom, otherwise known as neroli, possesses calming and relaxing properties, but has also been used to treat stress-related depression.

What are your go-to uplifting beauty products?