BM Beauty - Versatile Make Up

Wednesday, 28 November 2012  |  Sarah

BM Beauty is a BUAV certified cruelty free natural make up, which is free from parabens, nano particles and synthetic dyes and fragrances.  For these reasons alone, BM Beauty is one of our favourite make up ranges, however one of the main benefits of BM Beauty make up is that the products have many uses.

Check out our quick guide to get the most out of your BM Beauty make up products: 

Use as an eyeshadow. For a subtle effect, apply with a dry brush. For a more dramatic effect, apply with a wet brush.

Mix with your favourite lotion to use on your body. Mix with Marble Sparkle Eyeshadow for a more dramatic effect.

Mix with a moisturiser for a bronzing facial cream.

Sweep across your shoulders, arms, chest and legs for a touch of colour. Apply with a bronzer/blusher brush and make sure that you blend well. 
Make your own customised liquid foundation by mixing with your favourite moisturiser. Use a rich moisturiser for dry skin or oil free for oily skin.

Apply to eyelids to prime before applying eyeshadow.
Add before foundation to conceal fine lines.

Mix with mineral foundation for an airbrushed look.

Apply over foundation for a dewy finish.
Apply with a wet brush for a more intense colour.

Mix with water to make a liquid liner.

Mix eyeshadow colours together to make the exact shade that you want.

Use Marble Sparkle or Looking Glass as a highlighter. These can be used on the face as well as the collar bone and shoulders.

Apply as a nail polish.
How to: Put a little pile of eyeshadow onto a tissue. Apply clear varnish to your brush and then dip into the eyeshadow. Then apply to your nail. Before dipping the brush back into the bottle, wipe it clean. This way you won’t pollute your nail polish with different colours.

Apply eyeshadow to the tips of freshly mascara-ed eyelashes for a metallic look. Especially good with Platinum Tiara.

Use Mississippi Mud Eyeshadow to define brows.

Clay Eyeshadow is also an effective colour corrector. Use under foundation to cancel out redness and dark shadows. 
Use as eyeshadow. Especially good with Peachy Glow.

Mix with lip gloss or lip balm and use as a lip colour.

Mix with moisturiser to make a cream blush.

Apply as a nail colour using tip from above.

I think you will agree, not only is BM Beauty a fabulous natural mineral make up range, but also super versatile and great value.

If you have any great make up tips, let us know, we would love to hear from you.