Dr Bronnerís Magic Soaps Rebrand

Thursday, 17 March 2016  |  Sarah

Dr Bronner’s Magic Soaps Rebrand

Dr Bronner’s packaging has been modernised with the help of global branding and marketing guru, Jelly Helm, who has worked with some of the world’s biggest brands including Nike, Starbucks and Wikipedia. We find out the who, what and why’s.

Why did you redesign all your packaging?

Our soap labels are iconic and were developed by Dr Bronner himself! So although we didn’t want to change them much, we did want to make the words on the Dr Bronner's Rebrandbottle more readable and generally tighten up the whole design. We tend to think of the redesign as a “restoration” as well, since in developing it our design team took inspiration from the fonts and layouts that Dr.Bronners had used in older bottles, going back to the 50s and 60s.

Additionally, we wanted our whole family of products to be more cohesive - to look, well, like a family!

The new design looks pretty similar to the old design, what’s different about it?

There are hundreds of small details that went into this redesign, but a few of the more salient features are:

  • improved usage advice located on the right side of our labels.
  • a new banner at the top that reads “Family Soapmakers Since 1858”.
  • a lot of work with font selection and font sizing to make all the text on the bottom more readable.
  • a revised logo.
  • new “certification” area.
  • a “prayer” or pledge that appears to the right of our logo.

Did you remove any of the original Moral ABC?

We’ve actually added bits of Dr.Bronner’s Moral ABC wherever possible!

Is it still the same products?

For all intents and purpose, our products are the same as before - we have only changed the design of the labels. The only small change to formulation is in our Liquid Soaps, where we’ve replaced a minor potion of Coconut Oil with Fair Trade & Organic Palm Kernel Oil from smallholder farms in Ecuador ( that creates the same copious foam as coconut oil.

I noticed that some of the names of the products have changed, why the new name?

It’s true we changed some of the names of our products. In general, our aim with all of the name changes was to give our products simple, more descriptive names - and to have consistent naming conventions across our entire family of products. One example of this is the change of our “Shaving Gel” to “Shaving Soap” which we feel is more descriptive of what the products is (though, as stated, the product itself has not changed).

Is the name of the company different? Are you just Dr.Bronner’s now?

We have always been “Dr.Bronner’s” - a fact that can be seen on old labels that say “Dr.Bronner’s Pure Castile - Soap”. In the 70s, after an Esquire article titled “Dr.Bronner’s Magic Soaps”, people started referring to us by that name, and the name stuck! On our new labels we honor this heritage by placing “Dr.Bronner’s at the top and including the complete “Dr.Bronner’s Magic Soaps” on our logo, which refers to our body care division.

Your logo looks different, why? Sometimes it has stars above it, what do those mean?

As we were redesigning our packaging we decided to also update our logo. We’ve kept the arms shaking hangs around the Earth, but have changed the lettering to reflect the other fonts we use. We have increased the prominence of “All-One!” - which in not just a catch-phrase for us, but a summation of our driving purpose and philosophy. On some versions of our logo you will see stars - these honor Dr.Bronner’s “cosmic” vision, and are in the shape of Metatron’s Cube, a sacred geometrical figure that symbolized the oneness of all creation.

Your soaps say “Dr.Bronner’s Magic Soaps” and your coconut oil says “Dr. Bronner’s Magic Foods” - are you still one company?

Yes we are still one company - Dr.Bronner’s. The two different names refer to the two product lines within our company: our body care products line and our food products line.

(source Kinetic News).

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