Fairtrade Fortnight - Fairtrade Beauty

Friday, 4 March 2016  |  Sarah

Fairtrade Fortnight - Fairtrade Beauty

And so we are approaching the halfway point of Fairtrade Fortnight. This year’s theme is “Make Your Breakfast Count” and is driving change at breakfast time and encouraging consumers to choose fairtrade bananas, tea, coffee and cocoa products. But did you know that you can find fairtrade options for your beauty products as well?

We’ve seen some conversations on Twitter this week, and it seems that many individuals were not aware that fairtrade beauty even exists! Here, we highlight some of our favourite fairtrade brands and products on the Lucy Rose website, who are trying to make a difference to suppliers of ingredients.

Dr Bronner’s Magic Soaps are certified Fair for Life, which means all their main ingredients are fairtrade wherever possible. They source Olive Oil from Palestine and Israel, Coconut OIl from Sri Lanka and Kenya, ethical Palm Oil from Ghana, and Sugar from Paraguay, amongst other things. But Dr Bronner’s altruism extends past this - they have created or partnered with various Fair Trade organic projects all over the world and an estimated 10,000 people around the world benefit directly from Dr. Bronner’s various Fair Trade projects. They are also supporting the development of domestic Fair Trade programs in the USA.

To date, the Fair Trade premiums paid to Dr Bronner’s projects have helped local communities realise various important efforts: drilling fresh-water wells, setting up composting operations that improve farmers’ soils and incomes, renovating schools, purchasing medical equipment for local health clinics, and providing mosquito nets to help prevent the spread of malaria – to name just a few. 

Did we mention their products are amazing too?

Dr Bronner’s are not alone in their quest to make ingredients suppliers happier - Our Green People range has some certified fairtrade products, they ensure their ingredients are ethically sourced (in the Third World they try to source ingredients from projects that support the local community) and they utilise fairtrade ingredients Cupuaçu butter which is sustainably wild-harvested by indigenous people in the Amazon rain forest, Shea butter which is produced by a women’s collective in Northern Ghana, Rose Geranium essential oil which is distilled from plants that are specially grown by a group of native smallholders in South Africa and Sesame seed oil which is grown by a workers co-operative in Ecuador.

John Masters Organics also utilises fairtrade ingredients wherever they possibly can.

Have you given much thought to fairtrade beauty in the past? We’d love to know your thoughts. In the meantime, have a browse through our Fair Trade products and know that your purchase is making a difference to lives across the world. A past campaign of Dr Bronner’s posed the question, “shouldn’t all trade be fair?” and we couldn’t agree more. To make it happen though, we need to be the change!