Gifts To Buy For Him

Thursday, 15 December 2016  |  Sarah

Save, Spend or Splurge

Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus is the saying. Men can be difficult beasts for us women to buy for, especially when it comes to their grooming regimen, and trying to introduce natural and organic products to it! With this in mind, we’ve picked our best buys from our website for whatever budget you have. Read on to find out what to buy the Martian this Christmas!

Splurge: John Masters Organics Holiday Kit

John Masters Organics Holiday Kit

John Masters are one of our favourite natural hair care brands for both men and women alike - their packaging is definitely unisex and very chic! Their products can really improve your hair’s condition thanks to their use of the highest quality organic and wildcrafted ingredients. This set contains a Lavender & Rosemary Shampoo, Citrus & Neroli Detangler, Rose & Apricot Hair Milk (one of our favourite JM products!), John Masters 100% Argan Oil and a Bamboo Comb.

He will love this because… the comb is very manly, the zipper bag is great for travel and not only will he be less inclined to dip into your hair care products, and for once perhaps the role will be reversed! Ideal for the man who likes to travel, be it for work or wanderlust. 

Spend: Forsters Shaving Brush with Free Lavera Shaving Foam

Forsters Shaving Brush with Free Lavera Shaving Foam 150ml

Forsters shaving brush features a high quality wooden ash handle, with a perfectly shaped head of soft synthetic bristles to ensure even and easy distribution of Lavera Men’s Shaving Foam, or any shaving product for that matter! The bristles of the shaving brush are made of synthetic fibres and their are no animal products or testing on the Lavera Shaving Foam which makes this gift ideal for vegans.

He will love this because… if he’s not tried traditional wet shaving with a brush before, this may well begin him on his journey into the world of cutthroat razors and seeing shaving more as a luxury experience than a necessity. If he is a trad. wet shaving aficionado then he will love the feel of this quality product; the weight of the handle, the shape of the brush, it’s a wet shaver’s dream come true! 

Save: Beard Guyz Beard Balm

Beard Guyz Beard Balm 25 for Fine/Medium Hair 85g

A gift for the bearded ones that walk among us. Beard Guyz is one of our latest brands, and this beard balm is amazing for helping him achieve that perfectly groomed beard. Beard Guys Beard Balm is a blend of 25 conditioning butters, oils and extracts to help moisturise and nourish both skin and hair.

He will love this because… beards seem to be a trend that aren’t going anywhere and if he has a beard, he will love this balm to help keep both his hair and the skin underneath in top condition. You’ll love it because his beard with feel soft and luxurious (and not wiry like a broom).