Great News For Eczema Sufferers Who Like to Swim!

Saturday, 29 December 2012  |  Sarah

Great News For Eczema Sufferers Who Like to Swim!

Recent feedback has shown that the Therapeutics Body Wash resets the ph in the skin back to neutral after swimming in chlorinated pools.

Chlorine reacts with sweat, natural oils, skin cells and other organic materials on the body, often like hair dyes cause a reaction on many peoples scalps, chlorine alters the ph in the skin causing irritation which can be worse for skin problem suffers.

By using the Therapeutics Body Wash, not only do you strip off the chlorine but it combats the acidic changes that the chlorine causes on skin especially on sensitive or eczema prone skin.

There is also another good reason to use it
, because of its anti bacterial oils, if the pool is not chlorinated correctly bacteria may well be in the water, it is often the case that pools are under chlorinated or over chlorinated depending on who is doing it at the time. The therapeutic wash will protect you from any bacteria staying on the skin and also becoming an irritant or infection.

Remember to also apply the Therapeutics Body Lotion or Therapeutics Moisturising Oil afterwards as well if you find the skin dry. 

These products can be used on children and adults. 

Also 1 in 3 outdoor or manual workers are also prone to skin infections, using the same work clothes or overalls everyday where sweat and bacteria builds up, to combat this use the Therapeutics Body Wash daily and even at night to stop inching occurring due to infection.  

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