Handbag & Desk Essentials to Beat the Back-to-Work Blues

Wednesday, 14 September 2016  |  Sarah

You can deny it all you want - I’m talking to you, workaholics - but everyone will experience the back-to-work blues at least once in their lifetime, though most of us experience it multiple times a year. Whether it’s after a holiday, maternity leave, a chronic illness or the festive season, going back to work after a time-out can be hard. You have to get back into the daily routine of getting up early, taking the bus or train to work, sitting behind a computer for many hours straight, being focused all day long and let’s not forget trying to remember all your colleagues’ names.

Congratulations if you’ve survived the first day back at your job, but there are four more days to go. So unless you work at a pharmacy or have a massage-chair in your office, these handbag essentials will help you get through those long meetings and crowded train rides!

Desk Saviours

Travel size products are great to keep in your handbag at all times, but you can also keep them on your desk without turning it into a beauty salon. This Balm Balm Balm Mini Organic Facial Kit is one of our favourites. Cleansing wipes are also a great solution for when you’re feeling tired and in need of a little pick-me-up. These all natural biodegradable Yes To Cucumbers Towelettes will leave your face feeling clean and fresh and ready to hit that meeting you’d been dreading all day.

Quite often you can buy a smaller size of the products you already own, and if not, you can always get a travel set with small reusable bottles and jars and fill them with your favourite creams and lotions. And let’s not forget about lip balms. They’re always pocket sized and if you choose a tinted lip balm or a moisturising lipstick you’re not only nourishing your lips but also giving them a hint of colour which will really brighten up your face. 

De-Stress Miracle Workers

Work-related stress affects the lives of hundreds of people every day. In many cases it gets to a degree where it’s actually making the person ill. Good stress management is vital to your overall health and it’s important to keep making time to relax, even if you’re on a very busy schedule. 

Stress is often related to a Vitamin-B deficiency, which in severe cases can lead to depression, paranoia and memory loss. Taking certain food supplements such as this Terranova B-Complex with Vitamin C will help support a healthy nerve system. And this Tisserand De-Stress Aromatherapy Ball is great for moments that are so hectic you can’t see the wood for the trees. Tisserand even has this travel kit of aromatherapy roller balls which are great in any situation where you feel unnerved or need a little pick-me-up.

So keep your desk de-cluttered with these small but perfectly formed products that will help brighten up even the bluest of working days, and remember: find a job you love and you will never work a day in your life!