Introducing Benecos Natural Cosmetics

Thursday, 23 May 2013  |  Sarah

Introducing Benecos Natural Cosmetics

In 2008 Silke and Stephan Becker founded the firm Cosmondial. At the end of 2009, when the first products were ready for the market, the decision was taken to concentrate on the wholefood trade as distribution channel. The young brand was introduced to the wider market at Vivaness in 2010. And was highly successful – many people took note of the new brand, and ordered on the spot.

“We want to create high-quality and reasonably priced alternatives to the pharmacy and mass market brands and to advertise the benefits of natural cosmetics,” said Becker. Cosmondial set itself the objective of gaining new and much younger consumer than before for natural cosmetics. With the current market share of genuine natural cosmetics at 13%, the Beckers can see that there is still a lot of potential.

“The products should be fun and as universal as possible.” From the outset the Beckers opted for the BDIH certification label for controlled natural cosmetics and their experience with BDIH has been positive. Many products are also vegan. Even the top quality cosmetic brushes made with synthetic Toray fibres are suitable for allergy sufferers sensitive to animal hair and for vegans.

“We think it’s important to offer cosmetics that are as uncomplicated as possible and that meet the demands of today’s consumers. Simple application, high functionality, youthful appeal are our mission”, says Becker. Benecos products are as environmentally friendly and as kind to the skin as possible. The BDIH certified colour cosmetics and skin care line do not contain parabens, silicone, paraffin or any other synthetic perfume, colour or preservative.

In addition to its certified natural assortment Benecos offers a colourful nail polish range called “Happy Nails”. Even though the nail polishes are not certified cosmetics they do not contain toluene, camphor, colophonium, phthalate or formaldehyde. Therefore, they are less harmful than many other conventional nail polishes and are a real alternative for health conscious women who want to paint their nails.

The packaging of Benecos products is eye-catching but at the same time one of the secrets of the firm’s price policy. “Positioning ourselves in the entry price segment is underpinned by doing away with expensive packaging. We concentrate on the essentials,” maintains Stephan Becker. Standardised packaging means a lot of material can be saved. “We focus on high-grade contents in simple packaging, and this enables us to offer our products to customers at much lower prices.”

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Benecos Natural Cosmetics