Lucy Rose - Top Green Grooming Picks for Father's Day

Monday, 13 June 2016  |  Sarah

Lucy Rose - Top Green Grooming Picks for Father's Day

We get it. Dads (and Mums too!) get to a certain age and they are most definitely stuck in their ways. Creatures of habits, some good others not so good….. Trying to get them to change their grooming habits of at least most of their lifetime is not an easy thing. They question why should they move away from the products that have served them so well for all these years? Well, we have got 5 top reasons to back up your gifts as to why your father should go green this Father’s Day!

1.  Kinder to the environment. Natural/organic/green grooming brands tend to be better for the environment in a multitude of ways. Be it biodegradable formulas, low carbon footprint, no nasty chemicals used in formulations. Going green means grandpa’s great great great great grandchildren have more chance of a clean and green planet.

2.  Kinder to their skin. OK, so perhaps Dad thinks his mainstream products have done his skin alright all these years, but if he tries some natural or organic grooming products, we’re sure he will see and feel the difference in his skin. I mean, can’t he see how glowing your skin is?! 

3.  Better for their health. These chemical in our grooming products, they’re being absorbed into our bloodstream. Some of them are thought to be carcinogenic, some hormone disrupting, others toxic. Natural and organic products are at least made from pure ingredients, some of which we consume on a day to day basis.

4.  More bang for their (or in this case your!) buck. Because natural and organic products don’t contain the cheap fillers that mainstream products do, you need to use comparatively less of the product. So although the price tag may appear more hefty at first glance, we’re confident with the majority of products that less is needed!

5.  Less nagging from you! When you go home for visits and still see those same old chemical laden products have been replaced with green grooming brands, you’ll be happy. No need to fuss and moan about Dad’s use of not-so clean grooming products!

To help you help your father make the switch to a greener grooming regime this Father’s Day, we’ve picked out our top picks for presents:

Eau de Philae Acqua de Colonia

A light and fresh citrus eau de cologne, created with fresh organic flower and plant extracts. Prepared according to an ancient Egyptian formula discovered on the island of Philae at the mouth of the river Nile. As well as smelling great, it has a soothing, astringent effect on the skin.

Dr Bronner’s Organic Shaving Gel

Shaving Foam be gone! This certified organic shaving gel contains organic sucrose and grape juice to help give a smooth and moisturising glide, whilst also offering superior hair lift and wetting for the closest shave possible.

Green People 3 Cool Down Men’s Organic Moisturiser

Made with organic mint, calendula and aloe vera, this moisturiser and after-shave skin conditioner helps replace natural oils needed for healthy skin, and cools and soothes skin after shaving.

Weleda After Shave Balm

If you think your father would bolt at the word “moisturiser”, try the more traditional product of a “balm”. Similar products just branded differently (he needn’t know this!) Weleda’s After Shave Balm helps soothe and care even the most sensitive of skin, with organic chamomile and myrrh to help prevent inflammation.