Spa At Home Vs Splurge At The Salon - Facials

Monday, 7 December 2015  |  Sarah

Spa At Home Vs Splurge At The Salon - Facials

Now, don’t get us wrong, we love a good facial and we know some super-talented facialists who can perform miracles on skin like we could only dream of achieving at home. But, if you have good skin, perhaps you don’t *need* to make that monthly trip to the salon for a facial, perhaps you *could* save and do it at home.

In London, you can pay anything from £15 for a mini facial up to £150 (sometimes even more!!) but for the sake of the exercise, having done some research we’ve settled on an average price of £60.

Splurge at the Salon: Facial (1 a month) 60 x 12 = £720

Rebecca from Biteable Beauty chose her favourite natural and organic products for an at-home facial (check out the YouTube video) and she picked out the following - 

Pai Organic Skincare Rose & Camellia Facial Cleanser = £28
Spiezia Organics Rose & Chamomile Facial Exfoliator = £26.95
FOM London Antioxidant Face Mask = £28
Pai Organic Skincare Bioregenerate Rosehip Oil = £22
Trilogy Rosapene Night Cream = £28.50 

Now, due to the fact that some products only have a 6 month shelf life (for in fact you would not use up all of the products if you were only using once a month) we are going to say you will need to buy 2 lots of these products, again a liberal estimate AND you would be able to utilise some of these products in your daily skincare regimen!

Spa at Home: Facial (1 a month + regular skincare regimen!) (£28+£26.95+£28+£22+£28.50)x2 =£266.90

Spa at Home Saving = £453.10+