Spa At Home Vs Splurge At The Salon - Head Massages

Wednesday, 2 December 2015  |  Sarah

Spa At Home Vs Splurge At The Salon - Head Massages

Facials, massages, blow dries, conditioning treatments, waxing. When you stop and think about just how many treatments you have throughout the year, and how much they are costing you, it all adds up!

Biteable Beauty Rebecca Goodyear has recently created a series of Spa at Home videos for our YouTube channel (lucyrosebeauty), and here in this series of blogs we reveal just how much you could save by DIY beauty at home!

Head Massages

There’s no denying that a head massage can help relieve stress and tension, sending you  on a journey towards euphoria. You walk out of the salon feeling blissful, somehow lighter, and you neck feels like all former tensions are gone for good. But how long does that feeling last? Hours? Days? Definitely not weeks. 

A head massage at a salon in London costs between £10 and £25 and lasts 15 minutes. Head massages are perhaps not to everyone’s taste, but we say don’t knock it till you’ve tried it! They are however very easy to give to yourself, you can dictate the pressure and where the massaging hands go, and on the upside by stimulating the blood flow to the head you may even encourage your hair to grow longer and faster!

Splurge at the Salon: Head Massage (1 a week) £17.50 x 52 = £910 

We recommend Spiezia Organics Head & Hair Oil - RRP £22.95 for 100ml. You only need 2-5ml for a scalp massage, so this product would see you good for 20 treatments. Keep up the weekly habit and three bottles will see you well into next year! 

Spa at Home: Head Massage (1 a week) = £22.95x3 = £68.85

Spa at Home Saving = £841.15