Suffering from bad circulation, can't sleep or simply need to detox?

Wednesday, 13 March 2013  |  Sarah

Suffering from bad circulation, can't sleep or simply need to detox, then we may have the answer for you.

The Patch-It® Series 

The series consists of Circulation Patch-It®, Detox Patch-It® and Sleep Patch-It®. These unique patches integrate a variety of concepts including Reflexology, Traditional Chinese Medicine and Aromatherapy into a modern, easy-to-use format. Just place one patch on the sole of each foot before sleep, remove in the morning and clean your feet!
Key ingredients
Every Patch-It® has been formulated with a blend of 100% natural ingredients. At the core of each formula is our unique blend of Mandarin wood vinegar and Tourmaline.  The vinegar is an extract from the Mandarin orange tree that is exclusive to Nutriworks and that has been produced via a renewable, eco-friendly process. 
Vinegar has a long history of use. In Chinese Medicine, it is regarded as having ‘warming’ and ‘drawing’ properties.  When applied to the soles of the feet, the ‘warming’ characteristic provides ‘stimulation’ to the reflexology zones resulting in measurable changes in our body temperature reflecting healthy circulation.  The ‘drawing’ property promotes better perspiration via the bottom of the feet. 
Every Patch-It® also contains a small quantity of Black Tourmaline in the form of a very finely ground powder – down to nano-sized particles. The tiny particle size used in Patch-It means that for the same weight of Tourmaline, the total surface area of the crystal within each patch is increased thereby increasing effectiveness. Tourmaline has unique properties associated with healing and is widely used in many natural health remedies.

How can I benefit from Patch-It®?
Use Patch-It® anytime you want to re-charge. Great for anyone who is overworked, can’t get enough sleep and who faces stressful and tiring days. Feel cleansed and wake up with a spring in your step! Try it for yourself tonight.
Clinically tested for tired, aching, heavy feet and legs - contains Menthol. This ingredient is well known to be beneficial to healthy circulation and supports the action of the key ingredients.  
Healthy circulation is the basis for maintaining good health and benefits include supporting recovery from injuries, faster recovery times after heavy bouts of exercise or as part of a health maintenance program for those who may be bedridden or wheelchair bound. 
Circulation Patch-It® was the subject of a clinical trial where users had been experiencing aches and swelling in the lower limbs. The beneficial effect of Circulation Patch-It® in reducing the swelling was significantly different from that of a placebo patch.
The tried & tested original patch formula - supports your body’s natural capability for removal of toxins through normal channels such as sweat and urine.  If these impurities are not effectively removed from the body, they may contribute to the development of aches, pains, fatigue, bloating, headaches, cellulite, digestive issues, skin rashes and a weakened immune system. Over time, these may lead to chronic conditions and disease.  
Ideally, our body removes toxins on its own.  However, these natural detoxification processes are hindered by stress, poor diet, unhealthy eating habits, injuries, sleep deprivation and environmental toxins and struggle to maintain the normal cleansing process required for optimal health.  
Detox Patch-It® supports our body in reducing the toxic load that is imposed on it through everyday life. Contains Green Tea which is known to
Dermatologically tested – for a soothing, relaxing, restful sleep. In addition to the key ingredients, a unique calming blend of certified organic essential oils is included. 
These are: Lavender - calming & relaxing; Sage - balancing & calming properties; Basil - clearing & strengthening of mind; Ylang Ylang - comforting to the senses; Bergamot - relaxing & uplifting; Bitter Orange Oil - enlivening emotions.
Sleep Patch-It® was tested in Britain with a group of people suffering from poor sleep quality. In that test, users applied the patches over the course of one month and the results indicated the potential to increase the number of hours rest as well as reduce the number of times the user woke during the night.
Note – for first time users, use for at least 3 consecutive nights and for 10 consecutive nights every month as part of a long-term maintenance programme. For those who have experienced long term difficulty with getting a good night’s rest, a longer period of consecutive use (14-21 days) may be necessary initially.

Before & after use...
As can be seen the patch changes colour when the material in it gets wet during use, although the colour change in itself is not of any particular significance. Unlike other products that may have a similar outward appearance, Patch-It is effective whether wet or dry after use. When used on the soles of the feet, it is normal for the patch to come off wet to a greater or lesser degree.


Frequently Asked Questions
Is Patch-It® safe?
Patch-It® has been widely distributed around the world with millions of patches sold over the last 10 years. Patch-It® does not deliver anything into the body so is not expected to interact with any medication nor does it have any known side effects. This means that it is safe for repeated use for continuous periods of time.  
What is the best way to use Patch-It®? 
Use Patch-It® according to your individual needs and body condition.  For example, an elderly person with more health concerns or who is on long-term medication should use Patch-It more regularly.
Drink an extra glass of water when using Patch-It® and try to adopt healthy habits such as: eat lots of fruits and vegetables every day; drink at least 8 glasses of water every day; exercise regularly to get your blood moving; refrain from smoking, drinking caffeinated or alcoholic beverages; and most importantly, stay positive!
Why do we need to detox?

Detox is the process whereby your body neutralizes and eliminates any unwanted and potentially harmful chemicals. These originate either as a result of your own metabolism or have been introduced into your body via routes such as pollution in the environment, contaminants in food and water, detergents and cosmetics, and toxins that are metabolites from germs. 

Given that the body produces its own toxins from metabolism, it is fair to assume that it has a natural built-in capacity to get rid of these as well. The reason why we need to detox though is all the ‘extras’ that are thrown at the system causing an imbalance. 

Trying to detox can sometimes look like a circular problem. For example, if consuming more water, fruits and vegetables as part of a cleansing process, it is assumed that these foods are not contaminated in the first place. 

So how does one know that it may be time to detox? And how does one go about it?

There is no easy direct measure that tells you it may be time to detox. But you do get a fair warning from certain symptoms such as persistent acne or poor skin tone, fatigue even at the start of the day, lack of bowel movement, bad breath despite good oral hygiene and easily falling sick. As for how you go about it, there are basically only two approaches. Reduce exposure and help the body maximize its god-given ability to detoxify. You reduce exposure by making better choices such as with quality and source of food, water and cosmetics and you maximize the natural detox capacity by regular exercise, getting enough rest and perhaps using an external aid to support healthy circulation which is fundamental for the ability to naturally cleanse.            

How can reflexology patches help and what can people expect to happen when using the patches for a detox? 

The idea inherent in reflexology is that there are “zones” located primarily on the feet, hands and ears that are ‘linked’ or that correspond to glands, organs and other parts of the body. This collection of zones on the feet, for instance, ‘reflects’ a map of the entire body. Practitioners of reflexology apply pressure to these different zones to promote health in the corresponding part of the body through “energetic pathways”.  Reflexology is now a very popular form of complementary therapy.

From a more scientific perspective it is possible to try to replace this idea of “energetic pathways” with a view that application of pressure at those points helps to balance the nervous system. Foot patches work with the idea of reflexology to magnify the effect of a relatively small patch applied to the soles of the feet to support healthy circulation.

The patches ‘stimulate’ the zones on the feet and as circulation improves, the body is more balanced. That balance delivers many benefits including faster recovery from physical stress such as overworked joints and muscles and better sleep quality, but also helps to support the body’s natural ability to expel toxins.

The important point to remember when using foot patches is not to be fooled into thinking that the discolouration found on the patch after use is the toxins that have been drawn out of the body – the toxins are passed through the body’s natural channels such as sweat, urine and faeces, so if the patch isn’t discoloured after use, this doesn’t mean that the patches haven’t worked. 

Reflexology Chart 


Seeing is believing...

In the case on the left, the patches were applied to the soles of the feet of a woman who suffered from cold fingers (Raynauds Syndrome). As the temperature at her fingers was very low, they did not show up in the image on the top. The same subject was imaged again after 4 hours and the change (increase) in temperature in the hand was obvious.

 Patch It Circulation Image


Relief of joint & muscle pain
William Lam. Age 65

I have had joint pain for many years. I tried medicines, massage and other analgesic plasters, but they only gave me temporary relief.  I was introduced to Circulation Patch-It®.  After using for 5 days, the pain gradually eased and disappeared after a week. I would definitely recommend it to all those who are suffering from joint and muscle pain.
Feel Energized
Carol Adam. Age 53
Detox Patch-It® has enabled me to feel energized. I have found the foundation of youth! After using Detox Patch-It® I feel like I have a new lease on life. For all those that are still skeptical, you must not lose hope! Just put this detoxification patch on at night and feel invigorated in the morning!

Better Sleep 
Barbara Johnson. Age 67
I have had sleeping problems for more than 20 years. I was so skeptical when I first read about Sleep Patch-It® and thought it would be just one more thing that I have tried.  I was truly amazed! I could feel a warm comforting feeling creeping up from my ankles. Eventually I was so pleased that when I went to bed I would actually fall asleep and stay asleep.  It was as though a great weight had been lifted.

Patch It products can be bought in packs of 2 for £4.49 or packs of 20 for £29.99

 Patch It Group Image