The Biggest Breakthrough in Anti-Ageing

Friday, 2 November 2012  |  Sarah

The Biggest Breakthrough in Anti-Ageing - Nanocrystalline Cellulose Ingredient (plant cellulose gel)

Eminent scientists
concur this could be the biggest breakthrough in anti ageing in centuries. Recent discoveries have changed how scientists view free radical damage and even UVA light which was once thought to have little effect on skin. New studies are showing that free radicals are the main contributor to premature ageing and skin damage like skin cancers.

This has increased concern in how we can protect ourselves better from what is the greatest ageing and damage the skin has to endure. Often most people feel there spf/sun block is all that is needed and often simply relied on protection from UVB light ie the burn, leaving the daily absorbance of UVA to go unhindered which is the real cause of  damage.

There’s been interesting behind the scene developments recently with one major discovery which swept the board in coming first by a eminent panel of scientists; this is plant cellulose gel which can mop up free radicals like nothing else can, it’s also reported to help heal skin by its ability to bring connective tissue fibre together, thus firming the skin which is catching the interest of top facial surgeons. Comments like the biggest breakthrough in anti-ageing / skin healing in centuries are being attributed to this discovery.

British cosmetic scientific product development company essentially yours
have been one of the few producers to use such an ingredient in its formulations and forms part of its anti-ageing skincare range Natural Elements and since1998 has been used as an alternative to the chemicals like pegs and petro chemical gels.

Natural Elements
products such as the Face Contouring Serum, Hydrating Night Serum, Restoring Eye Gel and also more interestingly in the Natural Elements Face Washes which have always been recommended to be used in conjunction with the Ten Years Younger Kit which contains their best selling age reversing serum and luxury facial oil which are the main stay of anti-ageing facials in over a 1000 UK salons.