The Integrity of Organic Cotton

Wednesday, 1 May 2013  |  Sarah

The Integrity of Organic Cotton

Organic cotton is grown without pesticides and is from plants which are not genetically modified, leaving the delicate balance of nature intact. Organic farming works in harmony with nature by eliminating chemical impact on our land, air and water.

The processes used in conventional cotton farming and production can be devastating to flora and fauna. Cotton seeds are typically treated with fungicides or insecticides with a ruinous effect on the environment. Synthetic fertilizers and mono crop culture can also lead to soil loss.

Huge levels of agrochemicals are used in the production of conventional non organic cotton. Cotton production accounts for 16% of the world’s pesticides and uses more chemicals per unit area than any other crop.

Organic cotton farmers use traditional crop rotation instead of artificial fertilisers and biological pest control instead of Pesticides.

Organic Products meet very stringent standards, and organic certification ensures that products have been grown and handled according to strict procedures. GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standards) is the International working group controlling Organic textile processing and is also accountable for reliable quality.

In order to receive a GOTS certificate, Organyc has accepted strict conditions:

Organyc must at all times meet the requirements according to Quality Assurance and adhere to item 1.4 (labelling) of the Global Organic Textile Standard.

Certifier shall accept inspection assignments regardless whether they are for the entire processing chain or only parts thereof. Certifier shall submit from time to time upon request by the Technical Committee detailed inspection documentation in order to permit the Technical Committee to ascertain certifier’s adherence to the global standard and any procedural rules and interpretations issued from time to time by the Technical Committee.

Organyc has also been certified by ICEA (Italy): Istituto per la Certificazione Etica ed Ambiaentale (Ethic and Environmental Certification Body).

They are among the most important organisations of the sector in Italy and Europe. They monitor around 11,000 companies for ethical, environmental and social issues. Their staff is composed of 300 technical professionals in 23 offices throughout Italy and abroad. They support fair and sustainable development in organic farming.

Organyc also has certification from The Soil Association (Great Britain). Founded in 1946 by a group of farmers, scientists and nutritionists who observed a direct link between farming practice and plant, animal, human and environmental health.

The Soil Association is the UK’s leading organic association with over 180 staff based in Bristol HQ, in regional centres and working as certificate inspectors all around the country. Their aim is to research, develop and promote sustainable relationships between the soil, plants and animals while protecting and enhancing the environment.

Organyc can testify to the integrity of their products. Organic, Chemical Free, 100% Natural and 100% Biodegradable, whether feminine care or beauty care, Organyc can offer a safe and environmentally friendly alternative to conventional products. Organyc only use 100% organic cotton. Conventional sanitary products will include “nasties” such as bleach, plastics, and dyes which all have a negative impact not just on your body , but on the environment too.

Why go Organyc?

1. Organic cotton Farmers use natural untreated GMO free seeds.

2.  Healthy soil is maintained through crop rotation with moisture retained from increased organic matter.

3.  Healthy soil creates environmental sustainability.

4. Safe oxygen peroxide is used to whiten instead of chlorine bleaching which creates toxic byproducts which are released into the environment.

5. Fibres are stabilised using non toxic corn starch as opposed to toxic waxes used in conventional cotton

source: Pravera News

Lucy Rose Comment: 
It makes such a difference to the body when you use products which are free from 'nasties'. Not only does it benefit the body, but also the environment.

If you want to switch form your conventional feminine hygiene products, visit the Organyc Store where you will find the full range of these gentle, effective and environmentally friendly products.