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Wednesday, 14 September 2016  |  Sarah
Handbag & Desk Essentials to Beat the Back-to-Work Blues

You can deny it all you want - I’m talking to you, workaholics - but everyone will experience the back-to-work blues at least once in their lifetime, though most of us experience it multiple times a year. Whether it’s after a holiday, maternity leave, a chronic illness or the festive season, going back to work after a time-out can be hard. You have to get back into the daily routine of getting up early, taking the bus or train to work, sitting behind a computer for many hours straight, being focused all day long and let’s not forget trying to remember all your colleagues’ names.

Thursday, 20 August 2015  |  Sarah
Have a Healthy, Happy Holiday!

Holidays should be times of relaxation, but sometimes the getting there part, or the getting sick whilst away part, can outweigh the positive health benefits of a getaway