What is your skin type?

Wednesday, 10 April 2013  |  Sarah

What is your skin type?

Most of us know roughly what our skin type is, however the problem sometimes is knowing what skin type you are exactly and which products are best suited.

Finding the right products can also vary between brands, so it is always important to check ingredients, read the product descriptions and find what is right for you. You can also e-mail us for advice as we will be able to give expert impartial advice. 

To this end we thought it would useful to share with you this handy skin type chart and product guide produced by Lavera. Lavera have developed products for every skin type – from solutions for oily, spot-prone skin to anti-ageing treatments. An outstanding range of cleansing products is complemented by various skin care products, so they are a great brand if you are looking to find something to suit your specific skin type.


Skin type:

About my skin:

The causes:

 I am looking for:

Normal skin

Small pores, smooth, rosy

Good balance of oil and moisture

Better protection for my skin

Dry skin

Often rough, tight and prone to wrinkles

Produces too little oil, loses moisture because it’s thinner

Support for my skin’s protective layer by adding more oil and moisture

Mature skin

Needs care, prone to wrinkles and pigment spots

Natural skin erosion and deteriorating skin functions

Support for skin regeneration and my skin’s protective layer, more moisture

Combination skin

Oily, blemished and shiny, but dry in places

Increased build-up of oil in the T-zone (chin, nose, forehead) and lack of moisture in the cheeks

Balanced, even skin care and more moisture

Oily skin

Oily, blemished and shiny, looks sallow

Oil and sweat glands in overdrive

Moisturiser that won’t make my skin oily or spot-prone