Why MADARA Cosmetics?

Saturday, 29 June 2013  |  Sarah

Why MADARA Cosmetics?

Skin, just like any other part of our body, is subjected to the process of ageing. As a protector of our body the skin, unlike other organs, ages not only chronologically but also due to environmental effects – UV rays, air pollution, and chemicals.   “The ageing of skin is a complex process that consists of several factors of which the main are: slower rejuvenescence of skin cells, lower ability of skin to resist the harmful effects of environment, as well as the reduced synthesis of collagen and elastin fibres,” says Anna Ramata-Stunda, a researcher and scientist at the Laboratory of Bioanalytical and Biodosimetry Methods of the University of Latvia. In order to minimise the ageing of skin effectively it is necessary to have a complex approach to different mechanisms.  
MÁDARA together with the Laboratory of Bioanalytical and Biodosimetry Methods of the University of Latvia and the Rīga Stradiņš University carried out research on the ability of biologically active substances of plants to reduce both chronological and environmental, as well as hormonal ageing factors. As a result a new rejuvenating complex Galium7 was developed and a unique water-free anti-ageing cosmetic formula that is based on birch juice was found.

MADARA Cosmetics take a scientific approach to organic skin care based on five factors and solutions:

To increase the amount of dermal cells
1st Factor: Slower cell rejuvenescence
Solution: Birch juice hydrolate increases the amount of rejuvenated dermal cells for 25%*.

 To increase collagen reserves
2nd Factor: Reduced collagen level  
Solution: Galium7 rejuvenating plant components increase collagen reserves in skin by more than 20% (for 85% of women)*.

To protect from free radicals
3rd Factor: Free radicals damage cells and skin’s ground elements (destroy youth proteins)
Solution: Galium7 component galium verum (madara plant or lady’s bedstraw) neutralises 70% of free radicals*.

To compensate hormone deficiency
4th Factor:  Hormonal ageing
Solution: The phytoestrogens of hop, clover, and lady’s mantle that are ingredients of galium7 stimulate the synthesis of collagen**.

To act on connective tissue 
5th Factor:  Weak connective tissues – the shape of face changes, wrinkles appear
Solution: Galium7 complex – horsetail – contains up to 25% silicic acid*.

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