Kimberly Wyatt Exclusive Interview

Here at Lucy Rose, we were lucky enough to get the chance to ask Kimberly Wyatt about her fab new range of natural mineral make up and here's what she said.....
LR: What led you to set up BM Beauty?
KW: I've always had a passion for makeup and am very passionate about inspiring positive change in people and consumers! Starting BM Beauty with my partner Laura McComiskie has been a FUN journey and I've learned a lot along the way!!
 LR: What does the name BM Beauty stand for?
KW: BM stands for Beautiful Movements. is a place for self-expression where people listen, relate, and learn about self worth. Together we, the BM Family, encourage growth through love, compassion, and positive action. BM Beauty stands for the same, leading by example through positive change.
LR: Who is your makeup heroine?
KW: Lan Nguyen, Matthew Andersen, and Scott Barnes!
LR: What is the one item of makeup that you would never leave home without?
KW: BM Beauty lip gloss and mascara!!
LR: For people who are using mineral makeup for the first time, what would be your advice?  Which products are good to get started with?
KW: A little bit goes a long way, dip your brush, shake off the access product and paint your face!! The coverage is incredible just keep applying layers until all imperfections are gone. The Earthy Princess Collection is great to start with as well as foundation and nude lip gloss. It's the perfect look you just can't get wrong... :D
LR: How do you create those trademark glossy lips?
KW: The BM Beauty lip gloss is incredible it gives you sexy glossy lips and stays all day long!
LR: Which is your favourite BM Beauty Product?
KW: The Nude lip gloss is something that travels with me everywhere I go!!!!
LR: So what about Ashley and Adam – are they fans of BM Beauty too?
hahaha!!! The boys don't really like to wear makeup but they are proud of my endeavors. :D
Thanks to Kimberly for taking the time to answer our questions.
You can order the full range of the fab BM natural mineral make up products here.

Kimberly Wyatt - BM Beauty Founder