Pai Skincare

Pai Skincare products do not contain any synthetic preservatives or other chemical nasties. Pai Skincare is also specifically formulated for sensitive skin.
Soil Association Certified. Cruelty Free.

More about Pai Skincare
Sarah Brown (founder of Pai Skin Care) was first inspired to create a natural skincare range after years of suffering from a bad skin allergy. Doctors told her that the only treatment was to take high dose anti-histamine tablets on a daily basis.

Fed up with popping pills that just masked the problem, Sarah decided to take matters into my own hands and started researching all the products she used, to see if there were common ingredients triggering the attacks.
What she discovered shocked her:
Many chemicals used in skin care products can irritate the skin and cause allergies.
These toxins can build up in the body and have been linked to wider health problems.
Cosmetics companies use these chemicals because they are cheap and extend product shelf life.
Many leading natural skin care companies use the same chemicals or worse in their products while making misleading 'organic' claims.
In 2004 she quit her job as Head of International PR for a multi-national wine company and retrained over three years in several cosmetic and natural skin care disciplines.
In 2007 she launched Pai - her goal was to create the cleanest plant-based skin care on the market, with a range of products formulated for people with very sensitive skin.

Today Pai manufactures all of its products in our manufacturing and distribution base in West London. The team now includes two formulation scientists who test the latest natural ingredients and expertly blend them into Pai's unique products.